1.shape up

【原句】2005 is shaping up to be a great year. (S06E03)




北京福彩网shape up 動詞

北京福彩网1)進展;發展。如Things seem to be shaping up nicely 事情似乎進展順利。

北京福彩网2)表現變好。= to improve your behavior or performance


How are your plans shaping up?


I've been told that if I don't shape up, I'll lose my job.


2.root for

【原句】Still, I’m rooting for the dwarf. (S06E03)




北京福彩网support (US usually root for),支持(某個運動隊或運動員)。

= If you support a sports team or a sports player, you want them to win, and might show it by going to watch them play.

root for全力支持;贊助;為…加油喝彩。


It's one of those movies in which you're forced to root for the villain.


Good luck, we'll be rooting for you